This Place Matters - Rockford Watch Factory

First, last night I spoke during the public comment section of the City Council meeting. If you're interested on my remarks about the water rate increases and the work that is yet to be done, you can view them here.

Second, we are excited to announce the details of our first CitySmiths activity, a "This Place Matters" meet up at the Rockford Watch Factory!



The original sections of the factory were built between 1874-1876, with watch production beginning in early 1876. The factory was considered fully established in December, 1876. The building has housed many different industries over time, and additions were also made to the building at various points in its history. The building and property are currently owned by the City, who last year tore down the additions. The City has just released an RFP for adaptive reuse of the original structure, in anticipation of the completion of the sports complex just to the west of the Watch Factory property.

Rockford Watch Factory promotional items. Source:  Presentation by D.G. Artzner

Rockford Watch Factory promotional items. Source: Presentation by D.G. Artzner

Join us at 300 S. Madison on Saturday, December 12, at 9am. Michael and I will talk a little bit about the past, present, and future of this incredible place, have some sweet hand-outs (well, sweet if the thought of a one-page fact sheet about the Watch Factory and a recreated souvenir postcard make you excited!), and take some pictures with our This Place Matters flags -- order your free flag here and bring it along!

We'll probably only meet for about 15 minutes so even if it's crazy cold, we'll be there. Afterwards you are welcome to join us at Wired Cafe for a warm beverage and more talk about the places that you love in Rockford. Please join us on December 12!