Update: 227 North Wyman, Part 3


This is the third and final post (for now) on my work regarding the Library Board’s decision to purchase and demolish 227 North Wyman Street.  Post one is here; Post two is here.

On Tuesday, March 22nd, 5:30p the Library is hosting a ‘Town Hall’ meeting at the Nordlof Center to presumably share details regarding the ComEd environmental remediation project, relocation possibilities (both temporary and permanent), and more.  As mentioned in the initial post,  I’m uncertain if news regarding the purchase and demolition of 227 will be brought up, or if the floor will be open for comments.   I hope you will attend.  Even more, I hope you will come prepared to ask questions. 

Below is a list of questions I have regarding 227 in particular, and the Library’s reconstruction/relocation in general.  The questions are by no means ‘mine’; please feel free to ask on Tuesday evening if the opportunity arises.   


-Has ComEd mandated or required the Library to purchase and demolish 227? 

-Does ComEd or the Library Board have examples from remediation projects in other cities? I assume this is not the only time they have performed remediation work in urban areas. 


-Have you been in contact with the City’s Historic Preservation Commission?

Staging & Location:  

-Have you considered the City’s/Hinshaw Culbertson surface parking lots? 

-Have you contacted the City regarding the temporary use of the surface parking lots?

-How long will the remediation process take?

-Is there a Master Plan/Timeline for the Library’s construction once remediation is complete?

-Approximately how large (square feet) do you anticipate the new building will be?

-Can you say definitively that the new Library footprint will go over 227?  

-Will the library Board say definitively that they will commit to stay downtown?  Or are you exploring downtown-adjacent properties?


-If a developer expressed interest in 227, would you sell it to them?

-Would the Board consider adaptive reuse of the property (Admin offices, Local history room, etc.)?